November 17

The term of legal residence is computed from the application for nationality and not from the ratification of the application

  On December 18, 2020, the Administrative Chamber of the National Court (Sixth Section) upheld the appeal filed by …, under the legal direction of Mr. Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal, and, against the criteria maintained by the Ministry of Justice granting Spanish nationality to the appellant. The sentence was declared final on April 22, 2021..

February 14

Publication of the chapter “Towards the human right to dual nationality for ethnic-cultural reasons”

After deserving the approval of the academic committee and the editors, the chapter entitled “Towards the human right to dual nationality for ethnic-cultural reasons”, written by the director of this office, Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal, has been published by the editorial Dykinson in the book “Human Rights in the face of the new challenges of.

September 8

Brexit: Am I beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement?

Brexit Brexit still is not  here, but things will change from  January 1, 2021. This situation raises a great deal of doubt about the residence of British citizens in other countries. Living and working in an EU depends on the rules in that country. UK and EU leaders  are trying to agree how their future relationship.

August 24

Presentation at the II International Congress on Human Rights and Globalization

On July 3, the Director of this office, Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal, gave a presentation at the II International Congress on Human Rights and Globalization, organized by the University of Seville (July 1, 2 and 3, 2020). Rodríguez Bernal was part, as a panelist, of the Roundtable “New human rights in the face of globalization”,.

August 17

High Court of Andalusia annuls the expulsion of a foreign citizen by setting up a domestic partnership after the expulsion order

El Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía estima recurso de apelación preparado por Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal, esclareciendo la cuestión de la pérdida sobrevenida de objeto, cuando las circunstancias que afectan al administrado cambian durante la sustanciación del procedimiento, antes del acto de la vista. No siempre el lento funcionamiento de la jurisdicción contencioso-administrativa, que.

November 26

The National High Court ‘Audiencia Nacional’ orders the release of a person required for extradition, assimilating, for the first time, the Subsidiary Protection to the Asylum

After 30 days of prison by measure confirmed by the Central Court of Instruction No. 6 in Madrid, the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court -Audiencia Nacional- (Third Section) fully considers the appeal filed by counsel Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal and the invaluable collaboration of Suhail Abreu Núñez, ordering the immediate release, without the.

February 3

QROPS: Pension Scheme for Expats

In previous posts, we have already commented on the increase in the cost of living in Spain for the average expatriate, focusing especially on tax issues and the poor exchange rate. However, many British residents in Spain may be unaware of some of the ways in which they can maximize the value of their pensions..

January 31

Economic Crisis Tightens Residency Conditions

Para leer este artículo en español, pincha aquí. The persistent economic crisis has also led to significant changes in the residency system of citizens of the European Union and their family members. The permissive approach existing in Spain by virtue of Royal Decree 240/2007, of February 16, on entry, freedom of movement and residence in.

September 9

Innovations in Residence Permits for Foreign Businessmen

In order to encourage both national and international investment, the Government has passed a draft of the new “law of entrepreneurs”. Although the draft is still awaiting final approval, the basic guidelines of the future law have been set, which include the development of business projects in Spain, as well job creation. However, one of.