Fee structure

We have 3 basic types of fee structure.

  • 1) Flat fee, based on the type of legal matter and according to fees approved by Malaga Bar.
  • 2) Combination of fixed fee according to arrangement and contingency fee, which is based on a percentage of the monetary recovery as a result of negotiation or trial.
  • 3) Asset-based fees. In many types of matters the amount of money involved is critical in determining the legal fee. This is the case of conveyancing.

Personalized budgets

We may adapt ourselves to customer needs with a wide range of services and tailor-made budgets, and guide you and design a budget without obligation.

First free consultation (only in judicial matters)

In litigation matters, we offer a free first consultation so that, before taking any decision, you have a clear understanding of the actions to be taken, estimated costs, duration and real possibilities of success. We also prepare a budget without obligation for fees and expenses involved after consultation.

At the first consultation we will discuss with you in a professional friendly manner the details of your situation and advise you if and how you should proceed.

Consultation will take place in our offices by previous appointment.

Conveyancing fee

1 % on the total price of sale (minimum fees: 1,500 euros). Expenses and VAT (21 %) not included.

These fees include:

    1. Advisory and consultancy throughout the whole conveyancing process.
    2. Drafting and checking of contracts and private documents.
    3. Checking of titles and documents relating to property.
    4. Preparation of the notarial deed of sale and presence of a lawyer at the Notary Public.
    5. All formalities until complete registration of the property in the Land Registry. Registration of the new owner in the Register of Taxpayers in the Treasury (Agencia Tributaria).
    6. Payment of all relevant taxes related to conveyancing.
    7. Representing the buyer or seller, by means of power of attorney for this purpose.