Criminal Law

Experienced attorneys in the criminal jurisdiction both before the first instance criminal courts, provincial hearings, jury courts and the Supreme Court of Justice.

Civil Law

Our activity concerning civil law includes various areas, both before the Courts and advisory.

Real Estate Law

We advise companies and private individuals on transactions involving all kinds of properties, land, commercial and office premises, tourist resorts, hotels and international transactions.


Experienced lawyers in inheritances in Spain according to British Law.


Legal advice, both to institutions and to private individuals, in those matters in which cultural goods (and works of art) are involved.


We offer the necessary legal advice and foreign investments support.

Works of Art

The intervention in the complex world of Works of Art and Cultural Goods necessarily requires expert advice. Our Law Office is one of the few in Spain devoted to Cultural Goods.

Immigration Law

Our office accumulates a large experience in the field of Immigration Law, not only in the ordinary proceedings but also in the different jurisdictions involved in the expulsion procedure.


For over twelve years, we have offered a quality service based on trust with the client, versatility, dynamism and personalized treatment, avoiding excessive bureaucracy that hinders the attorney – client relationship.

We know that modern life is full of difficulties and that it is essential to have constant legal advice. Often apprehension about hiring a lawyer means that queries are postponed and the resulting problems can cause irreparable damages.

Aware of this, we always adapt ourselves to customer needs with a wide range of services and tailor-made budgets. We can guide you and design a budget without obligation.

Our offices are located in Marbella, Torremolinos and Málaga, but we move to other places if the matter requires it. We can assist you in English, Spanish, French and Hungarian.

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– 1999-2006, Beginning of activities

Beginning of professional activity in the judicial area of the province of Malaga. After beginning his exercise in civil jurisdiction, he would soon become interested in criminal litigation.

– 2008, DEA

Obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies (doctorate) with the thesis: “National minorities of Central and Eastern Europe, the European Union and Hungarian irredentism”. Rating: outstanding.

– Since 2008 , Experience

He successfully defends cases with great media impact before the Juzgados de Instrucción (Magistrate’s Courts), Audiencias Provinciales (Crown Courts), Tribunales de Jurado (Jury Courts) and Tribunal Supremo (Supreme Court of Justice). He is an expert in extradition procedures and often intervenes in judicial cases involving major crimes punishable by death or life imprisonment, and where the human rights situation of the Requesting States is examined. As a result of the doctoral thesis preparation, in the Department of Public International Law of the Complutense University, he has a solid knowledge of the International Law of Human Rights and the Law of the European Union.

– Since 2016 , College teaching

He regularly intervenes as a teacher in various university courses and master’s degrees. He has also been a speaker at Front Line International Congresses, to which he is frequently invited. He is the author of essays, articles in scientific journals and chapters of collective works both in the field of Historical Heritage and in that of human rights.



  • About us

    Welcome to Rodríguez Bernal, Marbella Law Firm, made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who concentrate their activity both in the traditional categories of Advice and Litigation and in those non-conventional fields that require a persistent willingness to adapt and extensive knowledge of the environment.

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    Our Law Firm is specialized in Historical Heritage Law, Works of Art Market, Real Estate Law and Civil and Criminal Litigation.

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    We know that we are in crisis, that is why we strive to offer affordable prices for all economies in standardized matters.

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    The need to commit ourselves to the challenges of our clients is part of the philosophy of our daily work. We offer a set of tools for the constant improvement of your business, we carry out our work from the commitment and dedication of a Law Firm with more than 20 years of experience.


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