marbella lawyers For over twenty years, we have offered a quality service based on trust with the client, versatility, dynamism and personalized treatment, avoiding excessive bureaucracy that hinders the attorney – client relationship.

We know that modern life is full of difficulties and that it is essential to have constant legal advice. Often apprehension about hiring a lawyer means that queries are postponed and the resulting problems can cause irreparable damages.

Aware of this, we always adapt ourselves to customer needs with a wide range of services and tailor-made budgets. We can guide you and design a budget without obligation.

Our offices are located in Marbella, Torremolinos and Málaga, but we move to other places if the matter requires it. We can assist you in English, Spanish, French and Hungarian.

Committed to our customers

For us, the need to engage with the challenges of our customers is part of the philosophy of our daily work. We remain close to our customers by offering a set of tools for the continuous improvement of their businesses. W perform our work from the commitment and dedication of a company with more than fifteen years of experience and present in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and India.

A nearby market

To obtain the expected results, it is essential to be present in markets where our customers want to start or continue theirs business internationalization.

Therefore, we focus our energies on three major areas, the complex and attractive region of Central and Eastern Europe and Peru. These regions require specialists and contacts to achieve the desired objectives of our clients and we are able to offer both of them.

Marbella Lawyers

Through our network of offices and partners, we work hand in hand with our clients and help them solve their problems by creating the necessary opportunities to achieve program objectives.

How we can help you

Our activities focus on not only the conventional categories -general litigation-, but also, due to the dynamic market environment in which we operate, each case is a new challenge that requires the development of other non-standard practices in both legal and corporate areas. This combination is the key to achieve client’s goals.


Antonio Pedro Rodriguez Bernalmarbella lawyers is an experienced lawyer in litigation -both civil and criminal- and Real Estate Investments. After having followed four yearly courses of English Law at the Malaga University (UMA), Mr. Rodriguez Bernal not only has reached a good fluency in English language but also a deep knowledge of Common Law System that uses to differ from Civil and Continental Law Systems. This combination makes easier the communication with British and American clients who do not use to be familiar with Spanish legal proceedings. Solicitor in Marbella and practising lawyer since 1999.

Even though Spanish Legal System does not distinguish between barristers and solicitors, Mr. Rodriguez Bernal has intervened in all those fields in Common Law reserved both to barristers and solicitors.

He worked as Public Defender in these areas of expertise:

  • Family Law.
  • Administrative law.
  • Civil Law.
  • Criminal Law. Legal aid in all kind of crimes: summary offences (faltas), indictable offences (delitos graves o muy graves), offences triable either way (delitos menos graves.)

As private lawyer he works in all these areas and in Real Estate Law, Environmental Law and Cultural Goods.

Learn more about Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal

solicitor in marbellaAntonio Rodríguez Pedro Bernal is an experienced attorney in the criminal jurisdiction. He has sucessfully defended clients in crimes concerning alleged manslaughter and murder, against public health (drug trafficking), against property (theft, undue appropriations), against sexual freedom, crimes against the Spanish Historical Heritage, Extraditions and in all kinds of crimes and misdemeanours, both before the first instance criminal courts, provincial hearings, jury courts and the Supreme Court.

He also possesses great experience in Civil Litigation, Family Law, Administrative Litigation and Real Estate Law.

He is a recognised specialist in the law applicable to the art market, historical heritage and antiques and has participated in numerous international transactions of valuable works of art both as a lawyer of the parties or of the participating dealers.

He is frequently invited to radio programs or interviewed in the press to discuss current issues related to art law, historical heritage and antiques and lecturer at the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain.

As a result of his doctoral thesis, he has solid knowledge of International Law and European Community Law.

Gold Medal of Professional Prestige.

Our services

Among the wide range of services we offer to our customers, we enhance:

  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Law
  • Works of Art
  • Real estate
  • Inheritances / Estates
  • Immigration Law
  • Litigation. In this field we have developed a broad experience in criminal, civil, corporate, family, cultural goods, and, of course, real estate law.