Our legal practice for companies covers areas of commercial and corporate law, such as company formation, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, corporate law, commercial agreements, international trade, some financial services and litigation.

  • Mergers, adquisitions, and formation of new companies

    When one strategically defines an enlargement of a company as a competitive necessity, it is usualgoing to attempt a purchase or merger with another company that offers competitive advantages or economies of scale.

    In these cases, one must analyze the optimum profile of the candidates and operations.

    A second step would be to proceed to the study of potential candidates and to make the selection. Then, after making the appropiate contacts, estimating the chances of success. Finally entering into the negotiation process.

    We may form trading companies in a short period of time in all countries we work in.

    In Spain, we may form:

    • Public corporation – public limited company (Sociedad Anónima)
    • Limited corporation – limited company (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada).
    • See steps of formation.
    • Limited partnership.
    • Construction company.
    • Real estate – property management company.
  • Financial services

    New products and new regulations are continually redesigning the global financial sector. Due to our work hand in hand with banks, insurers and financial institutions in the areas where we operate, we can provide our clients with any profitable initiative in these markets.

    Also, we have a remarkable knowledge of local regulators and administration, essential when carrying out complex business transactions in emerging markets.

    Our success depends on our specialists understanding the needs of our customers, especially when talking about the financial sector.

  • International trade

    We provide complete and personalizad consulting services for organizations that want to initiate or have already initiated the process of internationalization, exporting or importing.

    More and more tariff barriers between countries are being eliminated since the decade of the nineties, which contributes to the increase in the flow of commercial relations between different areas in the world.

    Nowadays the companies have to compete with an increasingly diversified offer. For this reason it is necessary to take advantage of the new opportunities that foreign trade offers by diversifying the number of markets where the company can be present.

    Our task is not limited to analyzing and advising the exporting companies, facilitating the positioning of their products in the international markets, but we can also create a department within the companies that is adapted to the international markets where their products will be present or we can become their partners as permanent consultants on exporting.

  • Human resources

    We believe that employees are the greatest asset of a company. We protect your business with an adequate recruitment based on your business needs.

    Labor markets in the countries we work are changing continuously. Our task consists in guiding our clients through these changes, identifying new opportunities and avoiding risks inherent in the business.

    We prefer offering clear advice, rather than dense arguments. We believe in flexibility, identifying appropriate solutions to your business, paying especial attention to those market changes that can affect your business

  • International projects

    5). International projects. Our international project department is responsible for accompanying our customers in the internationalization process, by providing an integrated range of services in several fields like building, real estate, natural resources and agribusiness, among others. Our professionals bring value to our customers by combining the legal and economic culture of the country with our knowledge of the industry where our clients have set their business goals.

  • Real Estate

    Local knowledge is one of keys to the real estate business. Our network of experts and offices in the markets where we work allows us to offer our customers a wide range of services ranging from planning and development togetting the necessary funding to carry out the project.

    Not only do we have extensive experience in local retail level, but we have successfully completed complex real estate transactions in the countries where we operate.

    Our emphasis is primarily focused on giving clear advice to obtain the desired results. Due to the proximity to local markets we work with developers, buyers, sellers and financiers. This combination adds value to the project and thus helps to achieve the goals set.

    We advise companies and private individuals on transactions involving all kind of properties, lands, commercial and office premises, tourist resorts, hotels and international transactions.

  • Searching for international partners

    Finding an international partner for the development of joint projects means a big step in the entrepreneurial internationalization. RODRIGUEZ BERNAL offers its whole network of collaborators for finding the ideal partner that you need. We make a deep study of the partners that participate in the project, and we quantify the synergies of such (union), which facilitates making business decisions.

  • Works of Art and Heritage

    Our Law Office is one of the few in Spain devoted to Cultural Goods.

    The intervention in the complex world of Works of Art and Cultural Goods requires expert advice. In this field of expertise, several areas of practice are involved:

    Criminal Law (smuggling, crimes against Historical Heritage and crimes against Intellectual Property);
    Private Law (cultural goods conveyancing, use and enjoyment);
    International Private Law (international conveyancing of cultural goods, export and import of cultural goods);
    Administrative Law (administrative disciplinary proceedings, administrative authorizations);
    Intellectual Property Law (especially on living authors´ works.)

    Many clients that arrive at our office did not know of the existence of strict rules governing Cultural Goods and only became aware of these rules when they were involved in contraband crimes or in expropriation proceedings. Markets of Works of Art and Cultural Goods (movable or unmovable ones) are markets with an important volume of business. Cultural Goods reach astronomical figures in auctions or in merchant conveyancings.

    The possession, moving, conservation and convenyancing of this kind of goods must be accompanied by intelligent decisions and an integral advice in order to minimize the risks for our clients.

  • Market research

    We use a new methodology in market research, which takes into account the variations that imply each new environment and the socioeconomic situation. We use new technologies for optimizing the processes and have fast access to information. Our reports have the following characteristics:

    Market report:

    SECTOR-COUNTRY and/or PRODUCT/COUNTRY. Example of the type of information gathered:

    I. INFORMATIÓN OF THE COUNTRY – Technical data sheet country-sector
    II. DEFINITION OF THE SECTOR – Setting boundaries of the sector and tariff classification
    III. ANALYSIS OF THE OFFER – Size of the market, local production and imports
    IV. ANALYSIS OF THE DEMAND – Volume, companies and other influential factors.
    V. ACCESIBILITY TO THE MARKET – Tariff barriers and documentation.
    VI. ANEXES – Companies, fairs, publications of the sector, organizations and associations, other addresses of interest.

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  • Litigation

    10). Litigation.
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