We offer complete legal consultation service via Skype or telephone.

Conditions of the consultation

  1. Fees for service: 60 € (VAT included)
  2. Duration of consultation: 30 minutes.
  3. Payment method: Credit card (preferred) or bank transfer.
  4. Consultation languages: English, Spanish.


  1. Access to the consultation service.
  2. Fill up the form indicating briefly the subject of consultation.
  3. Within one business day an email will be sent to the client indicating whether we accept the request. We do not accept inquiries regarding matters out of our fields of practice or dealing with issues of such complexity that can not be answered in a verbal consultation.
  4. In case of acceptance of the consultation on the same email will indicate the method of payment (credit card through PayPal or bank transfer). Once is confirmed thr payment (immediately if payment is made by credit card) we will contact you within one business day to set the date and time of consultation (virtual appointment). The consultation will be via skype or phone. We will call you.
  5. Take the consultation session.
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