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International Trade - Rodríguez Bernal Lawyers & ConsultantsWe provide complete and personalized consulting services for organizations that want to initiate or have already initiated the process of internationalization, exporting or importing.

More and more tariff barriers between countries are being eliminated since the decade of the nineties, which contributes to the increase in the flow of commercial relations between different areas in the world.

Nowadays companies have to compete with an increasingly diversified offer. For this reason it is necessary to take advantage of the new opportunities that foreign trade offers by diversifying the number of markets where the company can be present.

Our task is not limited to analyzing and advising the exporting companies, facilitating the positioning of their products in the international markets, but we can also create a department within the companies that is adapted to the international markets where their products will be present or we can become their partners as permanent consultants on exporting.

Some of our services include:
  • General advice on international trade, export – import, etc.
  • International trade regulatory compliance
  • Trading
  • Legal representation of foreign companies and Mandate
  • International agreements
    • Sale
    • Distribution
    • Agency
    • Licensing
    • Royalty agreements, etc.
  • International sales/purchase contracts
    • Contract negotiation, terms and conditions
    • Incoterms
  • Maritime, Freight, Shipping and Transportation Documentation, Disputes, Trade Finance and contracts
  • Trade finance and payment methods
  • Insurance
  • Commercial litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Debt collections and general litigation in Spain
  • Sanctioning administrative proceedings
Article by Mark Athos Franklin, English lawyer at the Rodriguez Bernal law firm.
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