September 8

Brexit: Am I beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement?

Brexit Brexit still is not  here, but things will change from  January 1, 2021. This situation raises a great deal of doubt about the residence of British citizens in other countries. Living and working in an EU depends on the rules in that country. UK and EU leaders  are trying to agree how their future relationship.

January 4

Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal quoted in the Journal of European Law on the expansion of the EU towards the Balkans

Translation: El ensayo La Unión Europea y los Balcanes: situación en 2006, escrito por Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal, ha sido nuevamente mencionado en un sólido e interesante artículo de investigación. Profundizando en la ampliación de la Unión Europa hacia los Balcanes Occidentales: la adhesión de Croacia, escrito por Gabriela A. Oanta, publicado en la Revista de.

November 15

Reform in Domestic Work

As you may already know, the regulation of the work of household employees had already been modified by the Law 27/2011, of 1 August, which integrated these workers in the General System of Social Security. However, given the low success of this reform and the large numbers of employees who are still working irregularly, the.

November 13

EU Seeks to Facilitate International Transactions

In response to the uncertainty existing in international transactions, the European Union has issued two legal instruments of great interest. In 1984, Spain issued the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users; a law that was intended to establish a set of measures able to resolve the various conflicts that could arise in.

November 5

ECHR Curtails Freedom of Speech on the Internet

The European Court of human rights (ECHR) ruled on October 10 that an Estonian court was correct when it condemned Delphi, a news web site featuring anonymous comments, as a result of the offensive nature of some of the comments that could be found there. Delphi had published a story about a ferry company that.

October 24

Entrepreneur Support Act: Frequently Asked Questions

  In response to the many doubts caused by the new Entrepreneur Support Act (Ley de Emprendedores), we offer the following answers to frequently asked questions about the fifty euro flat rate to be paid to Social Security under the new legislation, along with practical examples of it´s application.   1) Who can benefit from.

October 22

Latest Judgement about Preferential Shares

Again the highly controversial “Preferential shares” (or preferentes), are a subject of debate in all public forums, this time as a consequence of a judgement of the Provincial Audience of Vizcaya with regard to the bank “Santander”. For those who are not aware of the evolution of these shares, perhaps it is convenient to sum.

August 20

“Register” of users of pornographic websites in the UK

David Cameron seeks to restrict access to websites with adult content by default, blocking these web sites from computers, tablets or smartphones and beginning in 2014. The Prime Minister proposes a general block on pornographic web pages, a measure which in Spain would clearly be against free competition, as well as the right to privacy.