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[frame src=”” link=”” target=”_self” width=”” height=”” alt=”” align=”right” prettyphoto=”false” wpcaption=”false”] The Rodríguez Bernal law practice has a department specifically aimed at the needs of English-speaking residents in Spain. Under the understanding that installing oneself in a foreign country, whether it be to work or to retire, can be a process as complicated as it is ultimately rewarding, we believe expert legal advice is highly beneficial.

With a team of highly experienced English-speaking professionals, we offer a variety of services to our foreign clientele, including, but not limited to, the following:


Instalation in Spain
Our office provides assistance with such common difficulties as obtaining a N.I.E. number, acquiring work and residency permits for those English-speakers that need them, registering oneself as self-employed and making applications for Spanish nationality.
Real Estate - Conveyancing
We advise companies and private individuals on transactions involving all kinds of properties, land, commercial and office premises, tourist resorts, hotels and international transactions.

We deal with the entire process of real estate transactions including enquiries with the land registry, checking the titles of the property, planning and administrative reviews, checking or drafting of preparatory and confirmatory agreements, tax planning, and all the necessary steps until complete registration in the land registry.

We also deal with the advice and all the steps involved in conveyance of properties, including:

    1. Advice and consultancy throughout the whole conveyancing process.
    2. Application and obtaining the Identification Number for Foreigners (NIE), by means of power of attorney for this purpose.
    3. Drafting and checking of contracts and private documents.
    4. Checking of titles and documents relating to property.
    5. Preparation of the notarial deed of sale and presence of a lawyer at the Notary Public.
    6. All formalities until complete registration of the property in the Land Registry. Registration of the new owner in the Register of Taxpayers in the Treasury (Agencia Tributaria).
    7. Payment of all relevant taxes related to conveyancing.
    8. Representing the buyer or seller, by means of power of attorney for this purpose.

Inheritance advisory, estate partition, probates, letters of administration, inheritance according to foreign law, execution of wills.
Company Law
Our legal practice covers areas of commercial and corporate law, such as company formation, mergers and acquisitions, accountancy, banking and finance, corporate law, commercial agreements, international trade, some financial services and litigation.

For an overview of the steps involved in some of these procedures, please feel free to consult ourlegal guide for foreign residents seeking to create or manage a company in Spain. There you will find general information, as well as answers to some of the frequently asked questions of our foreign clients in matters relating to tax, administration and creation of companies from abroad.

Tax Law
We advise and act regarding earnings from business, tax withholdings, periodic declarations, informative and annual declarations, death duties, conveyance tax, donation tax, capital gains tax, income tax, property tax, local taxes, export/import duties, value added tax, etc.

Especially interesting to those residents who are self-employed or own a company is our bookkeeping service, which offers an economic alternative to managing one´s own books and declarations or hiring a “gestoría” for these purposes.

We can also assist you in a range of common legal issues, such as divorce proceedings and divorce settlements, separation proceedings and separation settlements, annulment, custody, care and control, alimony and financial provisions, debt collection and insurance matters.

For details of all the areas covered by our law firm, browse our list of “fields of expertise” of this page or contact us directly.

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