Criminal Law

Premium WordPress ThemesAntonio Rodríguez Pedro Bernal is an experienced attorney in the criminal jurisdiction. He has sucessfully defended clients in crimes concerning alleged manslaughter and murder, against public health (drug trafficking), against property (theft, undue appropriations), against sexual freedom, crimes against the Spanish Historical Heritage, driving under the influence (DUI), theft, domestic violence, economic crimes, smuggling and in all kinds of crimes and misdemeanours, both before the first instance criminal courts, provincial hearings, jury courts and the Supreme Court. Ha has intervened and intervenes in cases with big media impact.

He speaks Spanish as his mother tongue, English and French as his working languages, and Hungarian.

Rodríguez Bernal - Criminal Law in MarbellaAre you already involved in criminal trouble?

Sometimes foreigners in Spain are involved in criminal proceedings or on the verge of being in criminal trouble. Obviously, they are not familiar with our criminal procedure. If you or a close relative are criminal trouble, you must read this article.


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