December 25

New Labour Reform

Three days ago a Royal Decree-Law was passed aimed at implementing measures to promote labour stability and improve the employability of workers. It is another initiative aimed at promoting a “flexible” labour market, giving companies a series of recruitment formulas that allow them to save on spending. How will the labor reform benefit businesses and.

December 19

Judgement on Same Sex Marriage

Judgement on Same Sex Marriage

It has been over eight years since gay couples have been able marry in equality with other Spaniards. Law 13/2005, of the 1st of July, modified one of the fundamental institutions of the Spanish Civil Code, contemplating the union between people of the same sex as legal marriage for the first time. With this reform,.

December 17

New Law for the Management of Companies

The eagerness of the Government to introduce reforms in business matters has manifested itself once again with a draft for a “Law for the Improvement of the Corporate Governance of Companies”. The areas that the law intends to reform include general meeting of shareholders, conflicts of interest, the management of the company, votes, appeals against.

November 25

Taxation of British Pensions in Spain

Spain remains one of the most popular retirement destinations for British retirees and it is estimated that close to one million Britons currently live in Spain. Bearing this fact in mind, it is fundamental to understand something of how British pensions are obtained and taxed in Spain. A British ex pat can still receive his.