June 14

Supreme Court of Justice confirms judgement that applies doctrine of “lifting of corporate veil”

  Supreme Court of Justice confirms on 21st May 2015 judgment held by the Malaga Appeal Court (Criminal Division), clearing a man accused of fraud, undue appropriation and other economic crimes for which Prosecutors claimed penalties of more than 4 years in prison and reimbursement of 240.000,00 €. The Supreme Court ends a criminal procedure.

August 25

Foreigners involved in criminal proceedings in Spain: some valuable tips

Sometimes foreigners in Spain are involved in criminal proceedings or on the verge of being in criminal troubles. Obviously, they are not familiar with our criminal procedure. If you or a close relative are criminal trouble, you must read this article. Detention Criminal proceedings begin when the person is detained and driven to the Police.

December 11

Impact of the “Parot” Prison Doctrine

After the release of Inés del Río, after the recent and controversial judgment of the European Court of Human Rights on the “Parot doctrine”, it seems that Spanish society has been somewhat disappointed with the functioning of Justice in its country. Not only has a woman condemned to 3.828 years in prison for having committed.