April 6

The National Court in Madrid denies extradition of British citizen

By Judgment of March 6, 2020, the Criminal Chamber of the National Court in Madrid denies extradition of British citizen (…), requested by the authorities of the Kingdom of Thailand, since those authorities had not offered enough guarantees not to apply death penalty. After a tortuous court process, almost half a year in length, which.

February 16

Extradition Procedure in Spain – Plot

  Antonio Rodríguez Pedro Bernal is an experienced attorney in Extradition Procedures in crimes concerning alleged manslaughter and murder, against public health (drug trafficking), against property (theft, undue appropriations), etc. He speaks Spanish as his mother tongue, English and French as his working languages, and Hungarian. You can download a plot on how works, in a few.

February 3

The High Court of Justice of Andalusia reduces in 8 years the prison sentence to a man who killed his ex partner

Defending Attorney: Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal La Sala de lo Civil y Penal de Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía, en sentencia de 16 de enero de 2017 revoca parcialmente la sentencia dictada por la Audiencia Provincial de Málaga (Tribunal del Jurado) el 30 de junio de 2016, por la que se condenaba a 25.

January 15

Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal quoted in the scientific article “Prevention and settlement of international conflicts of jurisdiction in the field of cybercrime”

Translation: El director de este despacho, Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal y su artículo científico “Los cibercrímenes en el espacio de libertad, seguridad y justicia” han sido frecuentemente citados en el magnífico trabajo “Prevención y solución de conflictos internacionales de jurisdicción en materia de ciberdelincuencia” escrito por Ignacio Flores Prada, Profesor de Derecho Procesal de la Universidad Pablo.

November 26

The National High Court ‘Audiencia Nacional’ orders the release of a person required for extradition, assimilating, for the first time, the Subsidiary Protection to the Asylum

After 30 days of prison by measure confirmed by the Central Court of Instruction No. 6 in Madrid, the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court -Audiencia Nacional- (Third Section) fully considers the appeal filed by counsel Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal and the invaluable collaboration of Suhail Abreu Núñez, ordering the immediate release, without the.

January 13

Cleared by the Malaga Appeal Court by means of the doctrine of “lifting of corporate veil”

Cleared by the Malaga Appeal Court by means of the doctrine of “lifting of corporate veil”

A man accused of fraud, undue appropriation and other economic crimes has been cleared by the Malaga Appeal Court (Criminal Division). Prosecutors claimed penalties of more than 4 years in prison. The Court embraced the allegations pronounced in the public hearing by the defendant’s lawyer, Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal, for which was applicable to the.

August 25

Foreigners involved in criminal proceedings in Spain: some valuable tips

Sometimes foreigners in Spain are involved in criminal proceedings or on the verge of being in criminal troubles. Obviously, they are not familiar with our criminal procedure. If you or a close relative are criminal trouble, you must read this article. Detention Criminal proceedings begin when the person is detained and driven to the Police.

April 7

Antonio Rodríguez Bernal Defends in Famous Alleged Homicide Case

Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal is set to take on the defence of a man charged with homicide, this being a case well-covered by the Spanish media in the last week. El País (6-3-2014) ABC (6-3-2014) La Sexta (6-3-2014) El Mundo (6-3-2014) Telecinco (6-3-2014) Article by Mark Athos Franklin, English lawyer at the Rodriguez Bernal law firm..

December 26

New Law on Abortion

Five days ago the Rajoy Government approved the preliminary draft of the Law for the Protection of the Life of the Conceived and of Pregnant Women’s Rights. It is a controversial project, in as much as it collides with the socialist reform of 2010, which regarded abortion as a “woman’s right”, and that did little.