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After 30 days of prison by measure confirmed by the Central Court of Instruction No. 6 in Madrid, the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court -Audiencia Nacional- (Third Section) fully considers the appeal filed by counsel Antonio Pedro Rodríguez Bernal and the invaluable collaboration of Suhail Abreu Núñez, ordering the immediate release, without the adoption of any precautionary measures, of a foreign citizen required by the State of which he was a native.

The unprecedented resolution of October 28, 2016, reverses the previous resolution from the Court of Instruction against the opinion of the Public

Audiencia Nacional - extradición - Antonio Rodríguez Bernal

Prosecutor of the National Court, which understood that the Spanish Law of Passive Extradition only contemplated, as a cause of rejection of a Claim for Extradition, the granting of Asylum by the Kingdom of Spain. The ruling assigns the same value than the Asylum, for the purposes of opposition to Extradition, to the Subsidiary Protection, even if, as in this case, it was granted by another Member State of the Union European Union.

We reproduce an excerpt:

While the decision of the Czech Republic as a State of the Union is binding, it is not viable the continuation of the precautionary measure, guaranteeing a situation that is not accessible at the moment, (…) for reasons of substance, absence of evidence and protection of human rights, as the complainant State foresees, the death penalty (…).

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